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wild bellybutton

wild bellybuttons

mujeres criminales

mujeres criminales

Snakes are hilarious

but no one     believes me    

not when they’re     in love


©Jessie Sandoval

pebbles growing feathers

every particle cell is there for inspection
What i have done     what has been done to me     it is there
pulling skin taut by a thread of blood     you can summon into any shape
a basket for these bones
a bone makes a home
out of the bare minimum of dignity
©Jessie Sandoval


I’m trying to eat     eat
is this understood     I am trying to eat here

understand, if this doesn’t look like love




© Jessie Sandoval

we don’t come from people who slow down to breathe
but now    because of you     I am a slingshot

these physics
the intimacy     this rage      unprecedented



©Jessie Sandoval

Pop Love


pulling the gum carcasses out of my hair now



©Jessie Sandoval

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