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Audacity of Being pt. 5

when i was a child
     do you want to come with me
     I want to take you with me 
And   that was as close   to saying 
     I love you 

©Jessie Sandoval 






and it matters that 
we don't just rip 
when we move 
in that love way 

©Jessie Sandoval 

Audacity of Being pt. 3

keep pouring yourself into me…

I’m not particularly hungry right now
But I like to pickle and make marmalade
out of wounded material
I can salvage anything
make it work for the winter months
I’m a cleaning lady

this war they’re waging against us
I have the liver for it

©Jessie Sandoval

Audacity of being (a series) pt. 1

from my journal 
June 5, 2018 
Saint Louis, MO 

trees poem

the private things trees do
i don’t say

there is a private life
that only i have with

©Jessie Sandoval

Penmanship pt. 10

I do not apologize
if I made you
look overdressed

Look harder
I am wearing so much

carrying caracoles
y colibrí
blessings from the jungle


©Jessie Sandoval

My Journal
June 3, 2018

journal writing


In the face of natural light

with fire

~ my journal writing

May 30, 2018

©️Jessie Sandoval

Journal Writing

I bring no lessons I’m not a priest

Or teacher

Not a Spiritual person

I bring fire


I’m a cleaning lady

©️Jessie Sandoval

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