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Audacity of Being pt. 5

when i was a child
     do you want to come with me
     I want to take you with me 
And   that was as close   to saying 
     I love you 

©Jessie Sandoval 




Audacity of Being pt. 9



If the Sun revolved around us instead
how merciful would we be

to see the sun so incomplete

in phases becoming like the moon
has only made us into pliable rock

©Jessie Sandoval


Audacity of Being pt. 3

keep pouring yourself into me…

I’m not particularly hungry right now
But I like to pickle and make marmalade
out of wounded material
I can salvage anything
make it work for the winter months
I’m a cleaning lady

this war they’re waging against us
I have the liver for it

©Jessie Sandoval

Audacity of Being pt. 6

from my journal 
June 5, 2018 
Saint Louis, MO 

lava poem


do not work this hard     not on my behalf
it’s not worth it
said, Lava
to the fields     there is more of you
where you came from


©Jessie Sandoval

Audacity of being (a series) pt. 1

from my journal 
June 5, 2018 
Saint Louis, MO 

trees poem

the private things trees do
i don’t say

there is a private life
that only i have with

©Jessie Sandoval

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