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Writer, Translator, Freedom Fighter. California-born Nicaraguan. I write about nature, social justice, and love. LA Born, SF Bay raised, and current Saint Louis transplant. Migrations and childhood Sectiom 8 Housing compel my writing, and genetic muscle memory. I move around a lot. Currenlty trying to figure out, how to travel the world for the next ten years. If anyone is hiring a Spanish/English Speaking cafe barista in Oaxaca, or Morocco, contact me, asap.

Mi Corazón es un puñito de raíces retorcidas

pero como aprietan

©️Jessie Sandoval

Penmanship pt 5

Journal entry from May 11, 2018

©️Jessie Sandoval

Penmanship pt 4

Journal entry from January 29, 2016

yes – snails do suffer the weight of our design – without a spine

©️Jessie Sandoval

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