9 Valentines on the last day of February

lOVE what do you know
that it can be silly and it can be cold

I was gunna drop acid with you, but you got messy
love is for the cold

measure twice
cut once

I’m terrified it will quicken the dark into a solid cannonball

because there is nothing like that again after your belly is full like that

oh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
how I wish high school Shakespeare hadn’t been taught to me, as a morality and ethics workshop for aspiring pre-law students

it is the illusive palpable philosophical aspect of Quantum mechanics
that has always made me cry

how we try being in this place
that is already uncertain
and probably being something else in light years

if you were to tell me you are a winged crocodile unicorn I would believe you

this is     how      I love
it     is      my way

but I know everything, so it’s easy

I’ve known people, mujeres criminales, who have died for love
I’m here because of them




©Jessie Sandoval

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